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Equipment and Services:

Equipment Line Card


Mikro Industrial Finishing Company specializes in the finest finishing, deburring, degreasing, and industrial cleaning equipment in the United States. We currently carry an impressive line of equipments which are: 

Vibratory Finishers

At Mikro, we match you with the finest quality and affordable vibratory finishers and our team of engineers and industry leaders will work with you one on one to find the right vibratory finishing equipment and supplies for your facility. 


  • CLM VibeTech, Inc. – bowls, ovals, combos, cob dryers, tubs, to 100 cubic feet.
  • Burr King – benchtop bowls, small tubs, and recirculation systems.
  • Raytech – small bowls, tubs 2.5 and 5 cubic feet. 

Hi-speed Finishers

High speed finishing equipment is a Mikro specialty. We know the industry inside and out, providing only the highest quality centrifugal disc and barrel finishers for small batch and mass industrial applications.


  • OTEC Precision Finish – centrifugal disc, drag finishing, including medical and jewelry.
  • MFI – centrifugal disc, centrifugal barrel, manual and automated.

Parts Washers and Dryers

Every cleaning project is unique and requires a customized solution. At Mikro, we work with our clients to locate the right parts washing equipment and supplies to hit a variety of goals.


  • JenFab Cleaning Solutions – Lean Clean cellular, vertical agitation w/rotating basket, belt, rotary drum immersion, spray cabinet and automated systems.
  • Ramco – agitating, immersion, rotating basket, automated systems.


Vapor Degreasers

At Mikro, we prioritize the satisfaction and safety of our clients which is why we have partnered with Baron-Blakeslee to bring you only the best and safest vapor degreasing equipment and solvent.


  • Baron Blakeslee – solvent vapor degreasers & distillation systems, material handling solutions, carbon absorption systems, PTFE coating deposition systems.


We carry a variety of ultrasonic cleaning equipment products to suit your facility’s needs and demands. Currently, we represent Lewis Ultrasonics and Crest Ultrasonics. These ultrasonic cleaning manufacturers produce some of the best results in the industry, with unequivocal customer satisfaction.


  • Lewis Cleaning Systems – tanks, consoles, Near Field strip cleaners, custom automated systems, immersive transducers.
  • Crest Ultrasonics – tanks, consoles, systems.

Abrasive Blasting

We carry a quality line of abrasive blasting equipment and media for all of your facility needs. And we work with the following manufacturers for their quality abrasive blasting media and equipment:


  • Pressure Blast – wet and dry blast cabinets, automated systems.
  • Blast-It-All – cabinets, pressure systems.
  • Econoline – cabinets, pressure cabinets.

Water/Coolant Filtration

Mikro’s waste stream filtration equipment provides cost-effective solutions for today’s modern facility waste management issues.


  • CDF Industries – custom flocculation equipment, non-hazardous/non-leaching waste.
  • Prab Monlan – centrifuges: manual, semi-automatic and automatic.
  • Flow Pro – liquid filtration equipment – rare earth, magnetic, paper bed; cell and central systems.
  • Mikro – multi-stage settling tanks; closed-loop, flow thru.
  • Separation Technology – closed-loop, water reuse, chemical recycle, zero-discharge, water minimization.


Mikro is a multi-line dealer of industrial evaporators including Burt Process Engineering and EMC. These manufacturers guarantee the best in class service with reliable, well-built evaporating equipment.


  • Burt Process Engineering – atmospheric, evaporation rates 5-75 GPH.
  • EMC – Water Eater™ evaporation rates 5-200 GPH.

Used Equipment, Refurbishing, Relines. 

We specialize in the restoration of vibratory bowls and tubs. We repair and cosmetically revitalize your equipment, and we’ll provide you with a quotation based on the work you choose to have done.


At Mikro, we strive to balance affordability with your unique facility demands and will steer you in the right direction for smart purchasing decisions.