When you are invest in facility sandblasting and abrasive blasting equipment, you deserve the best. Econoline, one of Mikro’s top-selling manufacturers, delivers the quality standard you need to improve operational efficiency across the board. Regardless of batch size, materials used, or your current facility space, Mikro can match you with Econoline sandblasting equipment to suit your needs.

Econoline has been in the industry for over 30 years. Over the decades they have built a reputation superseding excellence in every category. From their competitive pricing to the high manufacturing standard they set for themselves, Econoline is a top seller on the Mikro product line for a reason. Their product lines are dependable and safe, with emphasis placed on user-friendly design.

Some of Econoline’s equipment lines include:

  • Sandblasting equipment
  • Abrasive blast equipment
  • Blast cabinets
  • Sandblast dust collectors

For efficient and effective surface preparation, there is no better solution than Econoline abrasive blasting. This method of surface finishing not only etches the surface, but allows for cleaning of small particles. This cleaned, etched surface provides a better surface for adhesion of coatings and other applied finishes such as paint or sealant. Abrasive blasting by Econoline is the ideal solution for deburring and surface preparation of metals, stone, wood, and other workpiece materials.

Econoline sandblasting cabinets come with a five-year workmanship guarantee. They are confident in the longevity of their products, and so are we. As part of this quality assurance guarantee, Mikro offers custom process testing to maximize performance of your sandblasting cabinets with Econoline. When you choose Mikro, you’re choosing the best in quality service.

If you are not ready to invest in Econoline abrasive blasting equipment, you can take advantage of the Mikro Job Shop for all of your abrasive blasting needs. We service companies large and small in our state-of-the-art Job Shop, equipped with the finest sandblasting and deburring equipment on the market. We also offer industrial cleaning, vibratory finishing, and degreasing services all under one roof. The Mikro Job Shop will help you prepare shipment-ready workpieces with quick turnaround time.

Econoline is one of our top product lines for a reason. They deliver the results you need, while Mikro delivers the superior customer service you deserve. Contact us for more information on our Econoline sandblasting equipment options.