Baron Blakeslee has been a key player in industrial cleaning since 1920. They are committed to excellence at every step of the manufacturing process, from the quality of equipment to the innovative solutions for everyday facility problems. One of those innovations includes Baron Blakeslee’s solvent recycling programs and product lines. 

Solvent recycling is an environmentally conscious program that can be implemented in most industrial cleaning applications. Solvent recovery stills are designed to cleanly and efficiently recover solvents from vapor degreasing equipment in high volumes. These solvents are then distilled, filtered and cleaned for reuse. This process reduces operational costs, increases the service life of solvents and equipment, and aids in creating an eco-friendly work environment at your facility.

Baron Blakeslee offers the highest quality solvent recycling solutions in the country. Their dedication to top design engineering and innovation makes them a leader in this sector. As a Baron Blakeslee dealer, Mikro is able to offer these cost-reducing solutions to our clients. 

Mikro offers three Baron Blakeslee solvent recycling product lines:

M-Line Precision

The M-Series precision stills offers a closed-loop design suited for Baron Blakeslee  M-Series series of vapor degreasers. Because of its reduced emissions, the M-series is their most eco-friendly solvent recycling option. The M-Series requires minimal maintenance and is compatible for most facility operations.

SC-Series Industrial

The SC-Series offers an open-top unit suited for heavy-duty vapor degreasers. This series is specially designed for certain Baron Blakeslee solvents. It has a high distillation capacity of up to 1000 GPH.


The Nanostill solvent recycling distillation system is suited for small to mid-size vapor degreasers moderate to light contaminant density. This affordable option will quickly reduce the operating cost of your vapor degreaser.


If you are interested in investing in a Baron Blakeslee solvent recycling program, contact Mikro today. We offer competitive pricing and the highest standard of customer care.