For over 75 years, Flow Pro been a highly-reputed filtration system supplier for clients across the U.S. Specializing in metalworking industry, their manufacturing and filtration system designs have stood the test of time in both endurance and performance. Mikro is proud to offer competitive pricing and customer service for Flow Pro filtration equipment. 

Flow Pro central coolant filtration systems are made to last. Engineers and industry leaders on the Flow Pro team work hard to ensure that when their equipment is on the lot, you’re working at maximum efficiency throughout the years. While Flow Pro has focused its efforts on being the go-to for metalworking facilities, their filtration equipment can be outfitted for facilities filtering all liquids. 

Not only is Flow Pro a high-quality manufacturer, but their equipment is praised by past customers for its low maintenance requirements. Their equipment is built to last and will withstand years of heavy use with minimal maintenance needs. At Mikro, we only supply high-quality filtration systems, but these rise to the top for their low operating costs in facilities of all sizes and capacities. 

Flow Pro equipment can be utilized for both bulk and fine removal of metal particulate. In metalworking facilities, Flow Pro equipment can be used in the filtration of grinding, drilling, and stamping, micro-sizing, and lapping applications. Flow Pro filtration equipment is also suitable for non-metalworking and non-magnetic applications. Most equipment can be customized to suit your facility’s design to reach maximum efficiency and performance. 

If you’re not ready to invest in top-of-the-line Flow Pro equipment, you can get the same great services done at the Mikro Job Shop. We offer filtration and finishing services using the highest quality Flow Pro equipment. Our Job Shop guarantees a satisfactory end product no matter your order size or timeline. Some of our Job Shop services include: 

  • Vibratory deburring
  • Hand deburring
  • Edge breaking
  • Steel ball burnishing
  • Pre-plate finishing
  • Sand blasting
  • Dry processing
  • Parts washing
  • Centrifugal finishing

If you’re in the market for industrial filtration services and don’t want to compromise quality for price, contact Mikro. We will help you choose the Flow Pro equipment that is best suited for your needs and budget. Call us today to learn more about our Flow Pro product catalog.