Ramco is a trusted name in the field of cleaning and degreasing system manufacturing across the United States and worldwide. They have been privately owned and operated for over 85 years, delivering a commitment to customer satisfaction unlike any other. In the 1940s they developed one of the most technologically advanced immersion washing systems of the era. Ever since, Ramco has been the company to set the standard for water- and solvent-based cleaning and processing equipment in the United States.

Ramco equipment is highly durable, long-lasting, and efficient across many disciplines. Their critical in-line cleaning and high-volume processes are suited for operations with little to no downtime. They excel in the fields of aerospace, automotive and medical manufacturing among many others. These fields require high-volume processing with little margin for error. This is where Ramco excels. Ramco equipment can last 25 years or more, proving their advantage in long-term sustainability planning.

Mikro is proud to carry Ramco products for clients across the U.S. We offer a variety of Ramco machinery and parts including:

  • Ramco Single/Multi Tank
  • Multi-Station Consoles
  • Dynamic Flow Combination
  • Automation Systems

Ramco equipment is designed to target a variety of workpiece shapes, sizes, weights, surface areas, and intricate designs. Regardless of contaminants to be removed, these components of a workpiece can drastically change the quality of cleaning and finishing capable with a machine. Ramco builds dynamic solutions to modern industrial cleaning by taking into consideration every factor of your manufacturing process.

Ramco offers a variety of immersion solutions for industrial cleaning. They along with the Mikro engineering team will ensure that from beginning to end, your cleaning process runs smoothly and effectively. We offer custom process testing to ensure your Ramco equipment runs at peak performance within our facility’s constraints and needs. Until you’re satisfied, Mikro will be by your side.

Ramco Single/Multi Tank 
Multi-Station Consoles
Dynamic Flow Combination
Automation Systems

In selecting an immersion parts washing system it is important to consider the size, shape, and configuration of the parts themselves. Massive weights, large surface areas, acute angles, occluded sections, and blind holes pose special problems, independent of the contaminant(s) to be removed or the chemical cleaner to be used. Proper cleaning of all parts can only result when consideration has been given to these physical variables.

To replace vapor/solvent degreasing we must change old habits and procedures. Traditional vapor/solvent degreasing is primarily a dipping process using aggressive chemicals to do all of the work. Modern detergent cleaning is a washing process using mild chemicals that rely on the performance and flexibility of the washing system. The equipment must provide enough mechanical agitation to accelerate the process and detergent conditioning to maintain consistent solution quality.

There are several methods of mechanical agitation used for immersion washing –

Platform Oscillation

  • Moving the parts through solution
  • Moving the parts in and out of solution

Solution Turbulation

  • Moving the solution over and through the parts


  • Precision cleaning using sonic wave energy

Each method has unique characteristics which can be used to solve specific cleaning problems.