Deburring is a common finishing process that many business facilities and hobbyists use to polish parts and perfect them to be used later on. There are a number of ways to execute deburring processes, but the two most common are hand and vibratory deburring. While both methods have their situations that they are best suited for, vibratory deburring has a number of major advantages that separate it from hand deburring and may lead to it finding a place in your facility.


Defining Deburring Techniques

Firstly, it is important to understand exactly what is involved with both of these deburring techniques. Both processes involve the smoothing over of pieces in order to remove anomalies, apply polish, and create smooth surfaces and perfect edges. Hand deburring, as the name implies, involves a person taking each part and deburring it by hand. It is a much slower process, but one that has the potential to achieve a level of smoothness and cleaning that is tailored to the part and more complete. Vibratory deburring involves running the parts through a machine that rapidly rubs them against a deburring media that grinds down surfaces and anomalies en masse. The media used varies and is suited for some situations over others.


The Benefits of Both

Vibratory deburring is by far the most commonly used deburring method in industrial settings. This is primarily because many parts can be deburred very quickly, thus leading to great efficiency and much lower costs. This process is also better suited for small parts for the same reason and requires little to no effort and labor. Hand deburring is sometimes more useful however in certain instances. For large parts that are more intricate and require polishing in more specific locations, it can be difficult to automate the deburring process and therefore hand deburring is necessary. While much more costly, the results of hand deburring are hard to beat, which makes it useful for hobbyists that strive for perfection or who don’t want to invest in large equipment.


Whether you are considering hand or vibratory deburring for your finishing process, we at Mikro Industrial Finishing have you covered. We supply both premier vibratory deburring equipment and offer small batch processing in our Job Shop, so no matter the situation, we can be your one stop for all your deburring needs. For more information on our equipment and services, please feel free to call us any time at (860) 875-6357.