In 1975, a small equipment distributor under the name Vibra Finish opened in Vernon, California. Over the past 45 years, this small business has grown to one of the largest players in the global mass finishing market. Vibra Finish Co. is a premier manufacturer of ceramic, plastic, synthetic, and porcelain media suited for a variety of finishing equipment. They are an innovator and industry leader, Mikro is proud to partner with now and in the future. 

Vibra Finish Co. manufactures a range of ceramic, plastic, synthetic media, and millimeter-sized media. Mikro can help you determine the right deburring media for your specific needs: 

  • Ceramic Tumbling Media – Ceramic tumbling  media is a suitable all-purpose stone. It can be used for light and heavy deburring of varying speeds. Its high density makes ceramic media suitable for aggressive metal and contaminant removal as well.
  • Plastic Tumbling Media – Plastic media is typically used for general metal removal, or for surface finishing and polishing before paint or adhesive coatings are applied.
  • Synthetic Tumbling Media – Synthetic media is also used for general metal removal. They are similar to plastics in that they can be used for pre-paint or pre-plate finishing.
  • Porcelain Tumbling Media –  Porcelain media is the most durable ceramic media and is best suited for polishing and light deburring. 

These different types of finishing and deburring media are suited for most industrial equipment lines. We are proud to partner with Vibra Finish, as they continue to exceed our customers’ expectations every day. Mikro has a vibratory tumbling lab and we work with clients one on one to determine which tumbling media is best suited for their operational goals, and ensure that their Vibra Finish media stands the test of time. 

If you are looking for quality ceramic, plastic, synthetic, or porcelain finishing media, Vibra Finish Co. is an excellent option. Contact us to learn about our line of top-quality Vibra Finish media today, or click on the links below for more information.    

Shapes and Sizes:

Ceramic Tumbling Media

Plastic & Synthetic Tumbling Media

Precision Tumbling Media



1 Gallon: 999lbs or less

5 Gallons: 1,000-9,999lbs

55 Gallons: 10,000lbs+