Abrasive supplies are essential parts to peak finishing equipment performance. Without high-quality abrasives, you can’t achieve the level of quality and consistency needed for mass finishing workloads. Abrasives are used to eliminate uneven, rough, or chipped surface areas. Many different abrasive options, from sanding discs and belts to sandpaper, deburring tools, and other industrial abrasives are available through Mikro.

There are many different categories of abrasive materials used for different raw materials. Grinding and cut-off wheels are used to cut or grind surfaces. They are not typically used for fine finishes, which can be achieved through sandblasting or vibratory finishing media. Soft media types such as plastics are used to polish and buff finished surfaces. Depending on your needs and workpiece materials, Mikro will recommend the proper abrasives for your facility.

Mikro offers coated and bonded non-woven belts, wheels, discs, rolls, sheets, points, and pads. Whether you’re working with 100 or 10,000 workpieces, these abrasive materials will help make the process smooth and efficient at your facility.

In addition to our supply of abrasive materials, Mikro offers a full-service Job Shop for industrial finishing, degreasing, and cleaning. We offer access to the industry’s top equipment and service professionals, with guaranteed quality and a quick turnaround every time. If you’re not ready to upgrade your equipment, talk to Mikro about utilizing our Job Shop services, including:

  • Vibratory deburring
  • Hand deburring
  • Edge breaking
  • Steel ball burnishing
  • Pre-plate finishing
  • Sandblasting
  • Pry processing
  • Parts washing
  • Centrifugal finishing

Mikro is a leading dealer of abrasives as well as blasting media, solvent cleaners, and finishing equipment. Contact our team today to learn more about abrasive options for your facility.

Arc Abrasives
Coated, bonded, non-woven belts, wheels, discs, rolls, sheets, points, pads