Tumbling media is available in many forms: ceramic, plastic, porcelain, steel, wood pegs, dry shells, loose abrasive, and cob meal. The tumbling media selection is based on the desired effect on the target material and the equipment used. This ranges from heavy edge break and metal removal, to surface improvement, to high polish.

Mikro has one of the largest tumbling jobs shops in the Northeast, and we make these choices every day.

We represent Vibra Finish, Otec, Abrasive Finishing, Abbott Ball, and others.

Vibra Finish ceramic, plastic, synthetic, high-density and precision media
Otec Precision Finish ceramic, plastic, and dry media for jewelry and medical
MFI dry process media
Abbott Ball steel and stainless steel ballcones, cones, ovals, pins and abcuts
Dreher walnut shells, wood pegs
Mt. Pulaski corn cob