Finishing and cleaning processes go hand in hand in industrial applications. By investing in your cleaning equipment and finishing process, you can deliver the highest quality products in your industry. The more you put into your deburring and cleaning applications, the more you will enhance your position in the marketplace.

Solvent cleaners are some of the most advanced cleaning agents for industrial cleaning applications. Unlike traditional washing methods, solvents remove dirt, grease, and other contaminants quickly and thoroughly. Using a solvent cleaner prepares part surfaces for deburring and finishing treatments, as well as processes such as painting and welding.

Solvent-based cleaners are used when water-based cleaning systems are impractical. They can often be used for electronic parts, or parts that are heavily greased during manufacturing. This also reduces oxidation and the risk of water spots forming on the surface. When detergent-based cleaners can’t do the job, solvent cleaners are essential to creating a clean surface on industrial parts.

Mikro carries a wide variety of environmentally conscious, superior quality solvents for your industrial cleaning and degreasing applications:

Envirotech/EnSolv – Envirotech offers a superior nPB product for vapor degreasing, EnSolv. This technically advanced industrial degreasing agent is used internationally for a variety of parts washing applications. It is suitable for most industries, offering a superior clean without environmental pollutants or wastes. EnSolv also reduces residue and rusting to deliver a superior clean. EnSolv is currently the most stable nPB product available in the United States.

ITW/Techspray/Chemtronics – Chemtronics and TechSpray, subsidiaries of ITW, also offer advanced degreasing solvents, including safer nPB and TCE alternatives. The solvents we carry from these manufacturers offer the same quality finish without the use of harsh chemicals. They effectively remove grease, grime, and particulate without the use of water or abrasive substances.

Brulin SolVantage – Brulin SolVantage® Vapor Solv offers a high-performance, non-flammable, and safe solvent solution for precision cleaning and vapor degreasing. This solvent is used as a replacement for n-propyl bromide (nPB)- based solvents, with equally powerful results. SolVantage is non-corrosive, non-staining, and ideal for a variety of industrial applications.

If you’re interested in investing in superior solvents for your facility, contact Mikro today. We offer the best in class for finishing, degreasing, and cleaning supplies.

Superior nPB for vapor degreasing

Vapor degreasing solvents, safer nPB & TCE alternatives