All products of Progress Chemical are aqueous based. It is not all inclusive nor does it take all factors into consideration. For operations where a certain requirement is not mentioned, other specialized products are available. Please contact us for more information.

Corrosion Inhibitors

Progress Chemical’s corrosion inhibitors can be used in spray wash and soak tank applications on ferrous and limited non-ferrous metals. These products can be applied at ambient or high temperature. Whether you desire a high, low or neutral pH, short term to long range inhibition, Progress has a rust inhibitor to meet your needs.


Progress Chemical’s line of abrasive compounds are used in tumbling, vibratory, or centrifugal disk or barrel applications. Heavy burrs or fast cut-down, coarse or fine finish, Progress Chemical has an abrasive product to meet your needs.

Liquid Parts Washer Compounds

Types High to mid-alkaline compounds.
Metals Compounds that work on ferrous and non-ferrous only compounds.
Common Applications High pressure spray, soak tank or ultrasonic applications impingement cleaner for high pressure spray application post heat treat, spray cabinet washers cleaning ferrous metals typically in automotive rebuilding applications.
Soil Types Oils and particulate, heavy soil loads.
Special Characteristics Low foaming compounds, with potent wetting, excellent dispersion and rinsing properties, formulated to remove oils and particulate or any heavy soil load formulated to handle.

Powder Parts Washer Compounds

Types High alkaline, mid alkaline and low alkaline compounds, de-scaling and de-rusting compounds, silicated and non-silicated cleaners.
Metals products designed to work with all metals or alloy specific products.
Common Applications post heat treat, spray cabinet washers cleaning ferrous metals typically in automotive rebuilding applications, high alkaline soak tank cleaner to remove machine and stamping oils, pre-plate cleaning applications, low foam cleaners to remove fatty acid based cutting oils, low alkaline cleaner used to pre-clean aluminum in anodizing operations, superior brass cleaner, high alkaline spray wash used in de-rusting applications, will remove sulfonated, chlorinated or highly stable oils found in stamping and cold heading operations.
Soil Types Designed to remove grease, oil, and baked on varnishes, heat treat scale, heavy soil loads.
Special Characteristics high alkaline detergents to handle heavy soil loads from heat treat operations, water softening agents, protect against oxidation, formulated so oil is easily skimmed, low foam, excellent rinsing properties.

Liquid Mass Finishing Compounds

Types Neutral burnishing, moderately acidic, or high alkaline cleaning compounds.
Metals All metals including aluminum, zinc and brass.
Common Applications Rotary barrel or vibratory finishing, fast cut-down, deep reflective finish with steel media, deburring aluminum, zinc and stell, burnish all metal types.
Soil Types most soils, heavy soil loads.
Special Characteristics special wetting and emulsification agents, good lubricity and cut-down characteristics, chelating, brightening, and surface improvement agents, produce a fast color, will remove difficult soils and prevents disposition.

Powder Mass Finishing Compounds

Types General purpose burnishing compounds, high alkaline cleaning and deburring compounds, de-scaling compounds.
Metals All metal friendly compounds or metal specific compounds.
Common Applications Fast cut-down, general burnishing requiring bright finishes, cleaning and deburring, pre-plate finishing, removing rust, scale and oxides from various metal alloys.
Soil Types light to heavy soil loads, light to heavy scale.
Special Characteristics High lubricity, good soil suspension and water conditioning agents, potent wetting and emulsification agents, excellent degreasing properties, excellent interim corrosion protection.


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