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Chemetall Oakite's line of cleaners is an established and well-proven product line with unparalleled performance. New innovative and unique products are constantly being developed to meet the ever increasing needs of the industrial cleaning market. Products are developed with performance, process simplicity, worker safety and the environment in mind. With over 300 products to choose from Chemetall Oakite has the product for almost every situation.


  • In-Process Cleaning
  • Vibratory Cleaning
  • Barrel Cleaning
  • Hand Cleaning
  • Foam Cleaning
  • High Pressure Spray


  • Alkaline, Acid or Near Neutral
  • High or Low Foam
  • Variety of constituents to choose from (silicates, phosphates, chelates…)
  • Emulsifiers or Oil Splitters
  • Wide degree of Metal safety
  • Variety of soils able to be removed
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