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Compounds (soaps, chemicals) are used in tumbling for one or more of the following purposes: lubricate or wet the mass, clean parts and media, burnish (color, polish) the parts, inhibit the parts, and act as a cushion to the parts. The selection of the proper compound is critical, and often is the difference in having success or not.

The choice of compound for parts cleaning is equally important.

Also depending on the desired results, removing oils, or waxes and buffing compound, or heat scale and smut, for instance, all require different formulas. Ph, foam level, and wetting all need to be considered.

Through a series of questions, we can guide you to the correct choices.

We represent Vichem, Matchless, Oakite, Blue Gold, and other compound manufacturers.

ViChem Custom blended, environmentally friendly for vibratory, tumbling, burnishing and inhibiting

Matchless Industrial cleaners and specialty chemicals for parts washing, plating, phosphating, painting, 3-coat

Progress Chemical Vibratory finishing compounds and parts washing compounds for the metal parts industries

Oakite Specialty chemicals for parts washing and ultrasonic cleaning

Blue Gold A quality cleaner that is safe to the environment and safe to workers

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