Abbott Ball is an industry leader, who manufactures quality and affordable line of steel ball media. With a reputation built over 100 years, they are a strong manufacturer and continue to deliver exceptional results. Their work is unparalleled and prices nationally competitive. For steel mass finishing and tumbling media, there is no better choice than Abbot Ball.  

Steel media is more durable than other types of finishing media. This makes it a superior choice for sustainable finishing operations. It will not create or absorb contaminants such as oil and soils. This increases the service life of your steel media, and reduces wastewater treatment needs to that of contaminants removed from workpieces. For these reasons and many more, we recommend Abbott Ball steel media for many Mikro clients. 

Abbott Ball steel media lasts longer than other media types, yet you’ll be able to notice the payback quickly. This media type is also very versatile for facilities with several product lines and workpieces in the mix. Several other benefits of Abbott Ball steel media include: 

  • Structure – The specially engineered metallurgical structure of Abbott Ball media offers a longer service life, reducing long-term costs.
  • Size – Abbott Bal media deteriorates much more slowly than other types of media, retaining its size and density. This helps to prevent lodging and other issues associated with the deterioration of tumbling media. 
  • Shape – Abbott Ball media is analyzed for dimensional tolerance to ±0.010″ before being sent to distributors. This incredibly high standard ensures that lodging, imperfect finishing, and other issues common with steel media do not occur. 

If you want to invest in top-quality steel media for your finishing equipment, choose Abbott Ball. They can guarantee a smoother finish and fewer upkeep costs than most other manufacturers in the field. Plus, when you order Abbott Ball steel media from Mikro you can receive great pricing on small and bulk orders.