Line Card: Supplies

Supplies Line Card

  • Tumbling Media
    • Vibra Finish - ceramic, plastic, synthetic, high-density and precision media
    • Otec Precision Finish ceramic, plastic, and dry media for jewelry and medical
    • MFI dry process media
    • Pegco dry process media, wood pegs
    • Abbott Ball - steel and stainless steel ballcones, cones, ovals, pins and abcuts
    • Hoover - steel and stainless steel ballcones, cones and ovals
    • Dreher - walnut shells, wood pegs
    • Mt. Pulaski - corn cob
  • Compounds
    • ViChem - vibratory, tumbling, cleaning, burnishing and inhibiting all in stock at Mikro
    • Progress Chemical liquid and powder for vibratory finishing, tumble barrels and parts washers
    • Matchless industrial cleaners and specialty chemicals for parts washing, plating, and phosphating
    • Janed - specialty chemicals for parts washing and ultrasonic cleaning
  • Filter Elements
    • Shelco cartridge and bag
  • Blasting Media
    • Glass bead, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, and plastic
  • Abrasives
    • Matchless buffing wheels
    • Arc - coated, bonded and non-woven belts, wheels, discs, rolls, sheets, points, pads
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