Waste / Coolant Filtration

Mikro Industrial Finishing offers a variety of waste stream filtration system solutions for industrial applications.  Mikro waste stream filtration equipment provides cost-effective solutions for today’s modern facility waste management issues. Through careful process testing, we can recommend top products to improve the production process from beginning to end. Our team of engineers and industry leaders analyzes ways in which your waste filtration systems can be optimized to reduce costs and improve peak performance measures over time.

Proper waste filtration systems can reduce contaminants in metalworking fluid to a near untraceable level. No two filtration systems are alike, which is why Mikro recommends working with a professional to determine the right equipment for your facility needs.

We offer a variety of product lines from top manufacturers to suit the needs of your facility. In addition to our process testing services, we also have an industry-leading Job Shop to offer vibratory finishing and deburring needs. If you’d like to learn more about our extensive service options, click here.

Mikro is dedicated to client success. We believe that a strong manufacturing process begins with investing in equipment that makes your facility top of the line. Whether you are producing workpieces in batches of 100 or 10,000, we can help you make the most of your industrial finishing process.

Since 1983, Mikro has been serving clients across the U.S. with waste and coolant filtration solutions. We have several suppliers of waste and coolant filtration systems in our product catalogue listed below. Contact Mikro for more information:

CDF Industries
Custom flocculation equipment, non-hazardous/non-leaching waste

Prab Monlan
Centrifuges: manual, semi-automatic and automatic

Flow Pro 
Liquid filtration equipment – rare earth, magnetic, paper bed; cell and central systems

Multi-stage settling tanks; closed-loop, flow thru

Separation Technology 
Closed-loop, water reuse, chemical recycle, zero-discharge, water minimization