RayTech Equipment is the cornerstone of the mass finishing industry for small businesses and major industrial manufacturers alike. Raytech began in 1958 as a finishing equipment manufacturer for hobbyists and craftsmen. Today, they are an international player, providing some of the finest mass finishing and deburring equipment for their clients. Their equipment creates lasting, precise, and even finishes for castings, stampings, fabrications, and gemstones. They are a leader in their industry and still serve the hobbyists that made their reputation outstanding in the very beginning.

Raytech equipment is held to a high personal standard of quality and durability. With over 60 years in the industry, they have learned what makes customers happiest. They commit to expert and innovative design. They make customer satisfaction the first priority. Most importantly, they stay true to their mission of being a one-stop shop for those who need an affordable and quality solution for small batch mass finishing.

Raytech equipment for industrial clients is suited for large scale operations as well as small business needs. Their technologically advanced equipment options are able to streamline mass finishing procedures without sacrificing the quality of the end product. The intuitive designs make them easy to implement in existing operations, and help to reduce required manual labor. This hands-off approach increases productivity and work cycles per day.

Mikro is proud to carry an extensive line of Raytech equipment for small business and large industrial manufacturers. We believe in their mission and the quality of their products, and are happy to serve you as you implement Raytech into your daily operations. Mikro offers custom process testing to ensure that your Raytech equipment meets maximum performance measures daily. We won’t be satisfied until you are.

If you aren’t ready to invest in Raytech equipment for your facility, visit the Mikro Job Shop for professional finishing services by the finest technicians in the Northeast. Our Job Shop offers vibratory finishing, deburring and degreasing, as well as cleaning services with a quick turnaround time and shipment-ready final products guaranteed. We can help you whenever you have a quick project or don’t have the capability to achieve the finish you need.

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