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In selecting an immersion parts washing system it is important to consider the size, shape, and configuration of the parts themselves. Massive weights, large surface areas, acute angles, occluded sections, and blind holes pose special problems, independent of the contaminant(s) to be removed or the chemical cleaner to be used. Proper cleaning of all parts can only result when consideration has been given to these physical variables.

To replace vapor/solvent degreasing we must change old habits and procedures. Traditional vapor/solvent degreasing is primarily a dipping process using aggressive chemicals to do all of the work. Modern detergent cleaning is a washing process using mild chemicals that rely on the performance and flexibility of the washing system. The equipment must provide enough mechanical agitation to accelerate the process and detergent conditioning to maintain consistent solution quality.

There are several methods of mechanical agitation used for immersion washing -

Platform Oscillation
  • Moving the parts through solution
  • Moving the parts in and out of solution
Solution Turbulation
  • Moving the solution over and through the parts
  • Precision cleaning using sonic wave energy
Each method has unique characteristics which can be used to solve specific cleaning problems.
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