Mikro is a full-service dealer of industrial evaporators for a variety of purposes. Evaporators for non-volatile waste streams use heat from gas or electric power sources and a specialized exhaust system to evaporate water from the waste stream. This evaporated water is then released into the air as a harmless byproduct, therefore reducing facility costs and environmental impacts of waste streams.

Mikro’s clients often use evaporators for parts cleaning waters, vibratory wastewater, and water-soluble coolants. They are effective at separating liquid chemicals and solvents which can then be reused or disposed of properly. Evaporators serve a vital role in the function of industrial manufacturing facilities, and it is our goal at Mikro to ensure our clients receive the very best.

Mikro is a multi-line dealer of industrial evaporators including represent Burt Process Engineering and EMC. These manufacturers guarantee the best in class service with reliable, well-built evaporating equipment. We carefully select the best evaporators on the market to give our clients guaranteed satisfaction. We also offer custom process testing with every purchase to help your facility run at peak performance.

Our expert engineers and industry leaders will work with you to help properly install and test your evaporator inside the facility. We will adjust as needed to improve efficiencies and detect issues before they occur. Mikro is with you from beginning to end to ensure that your customer experience with Burt Process Engineering or EMC is 100% satisfactory.

Mikro also offers a range of vibratory finishing, degreasing, and deburring services at our renowned Job Shop. Here, our top industry professionals will provide you with quick-turnaround and comprehensive service. When you need a job done quickly, the Mikro Job Shop is the place to call. We can help reduce downtime as you’re making equipment upgrades at your current facility.

Contact Mikro today to learn about our evaporator equipment and other parts washing accessories. We are here to serve you with the highest level of customer service, because your success is our success. You may also click on the links below to learn about our specific evaporator product lines:

Burt Process Engineering 
Atmospheric, evaporation rates 5-75 GPH

Water Eater™ evaporation rates 5-200 GPH™