Burt Process Engineering is one of Mikro’s top manufacturers for fluid handling and treatment technologies. Their industry-leading equipment is guaranteed to satisfy clients regardless of their facility size or capacity. If you want the best in fluid-handling industrial equipment, purchase Burt Process Engineering from Mikro. 

Burt Process Engineering was founded in 1970, and continues to deliver the highest-quality industrial systems for their clients. They have developed success in pharmaceutical, biotech, institutional, and chemical industries for clients of both local and international scale. Mikro is proud to carry that legacy of excellence with our Burt Process Engineering product line available throughout the U.S.

Mikro and Burt Process Engineering both believe in the value of teamwork. Working together, we are able to deliver the highest quality products and customer service in the industry. Our standards for excellence surpass competitors in nearly every segment. Our engineers and industry leaders will design custom processing solutions for your Burt Process Engineering equipment to fit the precise needs of your facility. 

Mikro carries Burt Process Engineering’s extensive line of pumps, sensors, valves, and industrial equipment for fluid processing and treatment. We offer competitive pricing that other dealers cannot match. However, if your dream equipment is currently out of budget, we offer a Job Shop that can care for your fluid handling, finishing, and deburring needs. We use state-of-the-art equipment to perform the following services:  

  • Vibratory deburring
  • Hand deburring
  • Edge breaking
  • Steel ball burnishing
  • Pre-plate finishing
  • Sand blasting
  • Dry processing
  • Parts washing
  • Centrifugal finishing

If you are interested in purchasing Burt Process Engineering equipment or would like to take advantage of our affordable Job Shop services, contact Mikro today. We are dedicated to your success and satisfaction, and are one call away for all of your questions. Let Mikro help you develop an industry-standard industrial finishing, fluid handling, and processing system for an affordable price.