Since 1971, Blast-It-All has been a premier American-made abrasive blasting manufacturer. They design and distribute some of the most technologically-innovative sandblasting and vibratory finishing equipment in the country, with a commitment to customer success every time. No matter what your finishing needs may be, Blast-It-All has the sandblasting equipment to suit your facility.

Blast-It-All offers a wide range of finishing equipment and media for both abrasive blasting and vibratory finishing. Their design and engineering team are considered some of the best in the industry, creating winning product after product for industrial applications. They work hard to reduce rates and provide competitive pricing that can be transferred to nationwide dealers such as Mikro. We are proud to carry a line of Blast-It-All finishing equipment including:

Blast Cabinets
Dust Collectors
Soda Blasting Systems
Water Blasters
Vibratory Equipment
Parts & Accessories

Mikro believes in Blast-It-All because of their shared values of quality service and design. At Mikro, we put customer service first and do everything in our power to make your first purchase a satisfactory one. Whether you are looking to purchase equipment and media or would like to take advantage of our Job Shop services, Mikro is here to serve.

Our Job Shop offers both abrasive blasting and vibratory finishing services for your convenience. We use Blast-It-All and other high-quality equipment to ensure a shipment-ready finish with every order. If you are not ready to invest in a finishing equipment upgrade, contact us for a quick-turnaround service with impressive results.

Blast-It-All and other abrasive blasting equipment is available through Mikro at great rates. Contact us today to learn more.

Model 6060

Model 6048

Model 4426

Dust Collectors