Blakeslee Vapor Degreasers

Baron-Blakeslee is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of industrial cleaning equipment. Their facility in Williamstown, WV provides the most efficient and environmentally responsible standard and custom parts cleaning systems for solvent, aqueous and semi-aqueous cleaning. For over 75 years, they have been the benchmark parts washer company in this industry and all of their equipment is designed and built in the United States.

Vapor Degreasers

Baron-Blakeslee is your source for Baronette, Nanostill, M-Series, Z Series and a wide range of Custom Designed Solvent Vapor Degreasers to meet every industrial cleaning application.




M-Series Precision Equipment

The M-Series is the top selling vapor degreaser worldwide! It’s available in four different configurations:

  • MVR-vapor only
  • MLR-liquid immersion
  • MSR-ultrasonic
  • Custom-sizes & designs



For small to medium size cleaning requirements, our made-in-the-USA Baron Blakeslee Baronette vapor degreaser is the ideal choice. Designed for use with fluorinated solvent blends, and n-propyl bromide (nPB), the Baronette holds eight gallons of solvent and operates on a standard 120/1/60 VAC 20 amp electrical power source.


Z-Series Industrial Degreaser

The Z Series of industrial degreasers is available in a range of standard as well as custom sizes:

  • Liquid/ Ultrasonic Immersion
  • Vapor